Hotels Control Internet Marketing Costs and Improve Online Travel Revenues

Open Hospitality, a leading provider of Internet marketing and bookings solutions for hotels, has recognized that tighter economic conditions pose a threat to hotel occupancies. For financially constrained hoteliers, the cost of extending their online reach may be too high. Open Hospitality offers alternatives, each one effectively addressing these concerns.

“Open Hospitality is committed to providing results-producing Internet marketing strategies to the hotel industry.  That’s what allows us to drive maximum efficiency for out clients while we grow their market share and improve their top-line revenue results,” said Chris Wichers, Executive Vice President of Open Hospitality. “Many hotels falter during tough economic times. But we have all the tools to empower our clients and strengthen their online visibility in a cluttered market.”

Open Hospitality utilizes a powerful consumer oriented booking engine to strengthen hotel Internet marketing. Combined with other online services, Open’s engine builds market share and improves revenue streams for hotels. The booking engine is seamlessly integrated into a hotel’s website, capturing a consumer’s profile, monitoring online transactions and maintaining loyalty management.

Open provides three tiers of online solutions: QuickStart enables hotels to gain near instant access to marketing solutions that ensure prominent Internet positioning and generate fast results.  Open’s ala Carte solutions are tailored to a hotel’s specific needs and allows for flexibility.  As the battle for travel consumer attention heats up, Open Hospitality levels the playing field by offering qualifying hotels a full pay for performance model.  Open is rewarded only when reservation bookings are delivered to a client.  Open’s three models enable hoteliers to leverage their limited financial resources and achieve prosperity in a down economy.


About Open Hospitality

Open Hospitality delivers a wide array of strategic online marketing solutions and accommodation booking options. New Open Hospitality clients on average receive 102% more Internet bookings year-over-year in their premium transient segment using Open's Internet Booking solutions.  The award-winning Internet marketing company focuses exclusively on hotels and hospitality verticals. It helps independent hotels, large groups and chains to raise online visibility, build market share and increase online reservations. Open Hospitality designs websites optimized for major search engines and creates high-impact email marketing campaigns. Its diverse client base of over 540 hotels in 38 countries includes some of the most renowned names in the hotel industry, including Helmsley Hotels in New York, Blakes Hotel in London, Warwick Hotels International, Rock Resorts, Noble House Hotels and Benchmark Hospitality, among others. The company is headquartered in New York, with offices in London, Miami, Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Anaheim, San Diego, and San Francisco.

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